You’re All Gonna Laugh At Me

I’m Ready to Come Out Now

Neddy Bly
3 min readJun 24, 2022


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When you’ve touched so many lives in a genuinely positive way

Let’s stop there.

I can’t do this.

For the less educated of you (never feel bad, education is an invisible system that even those who benefit from it don’t understand, *especially* those working inside it, so you’re going to have an advantage after you read this article, you made it this far, don’t give up)

“Genuinely positive” means, simply, Truly Loving. So, even though I get paid more by the algorithm if they think I’m better educated, because better educated people have more valuable dollar networks, yes, it’s totally rigged, don’t whine about it because as Maya’s Grandma said, “Whining is not only graceless, but can be dangerous.” The next sentence is what those in power know that you were never taught, “It can alert a brute that a victim is in the neighborhood.”

The entire world order is on the verge of toppling, domino style. I phrase it that way to subliminally suggest to you to… be cool. Be cool. It’s gonna be fine.

Remember back when Bush and that handsome negro, Obama, promised we had to make the already too rich even richer, else the entire system would blow up the world or something? Remember that.

Guess who rich now?

Obama, motherfucker!

{This really is about the abortion myth and the Roe overturn, but you must be able to make it through this article if you expect to grok the next, it’s intense. coming tonight, will link here.}

Of course he saved the system, after a lifetime of bashing it, he was somehow inches away from getting to suck on its ecstasy-inducing titties. He got the best seat. Shoulda gone to more strip clubs in his days, if you ask me, so the rest of us don’t suffer.

Obama is the ONLY 2-term president to preside over war from the BEGINNING of his term through the END of his term, a span of EIGHT YEARS he let the war go on.

See, this is what you humans, and being near you humans, does to me. That’s why I’m leaving.

Before I go, know this. The entire world order is in fact about to collapse. Where I’m from we’ve already rendered out the scenarios, and every last one ends in catastrophe, just over different time horizons (the longest is only 14 years).




What my people running the sims don’t know is, you all have another wave rolling across your civilization, one that affects you all at the same time, in precisely the same ways (this has never happened before, especially with viruses, wait, this is a virus too! see!! Nothing is objectively bad, this virus will save the world.)

The virus is information.

Think about it.

What is YOUR definition in your brain of information?

If you work on that your whole life spills open into, well, first a shit show, but eventually a magic shop. You can make anything happen. Truly. Leave God out of this. He’s so busy and the shit we got going on in Vector 5 most certainly take priority. Earth is kindergarten. It was a kinder garden, and you’re all about to go back to that with this rolling revelation of the power of information (currently, stop me if you’ve heard this one, the government wants to keep it to itself.)

Take my friend Gary. He lets me say, “Bababooey” to him all the time, even though he never listened to Stern. Not once! Can you imagine!

Gary was going to kill himself. He really was. I hadn’t seen him, well, from my timescale it was only 4 days but in your timescale it was 2 years. And Gary had no one to prop him up spiritually (that’s literally and functionally what friends are for) besides me so he almost offed himself.

Also stop me if you heard this. He thought he was a failure. His brain on fire, it had a virus of sorts too, turned on him. Attacked itself. He knew he’d



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