Why “Niggers” Must Be Killed

Liberals used to want change. Then, Liberal became a bad word, now Progressives want change. No one realizes the power of wanting change before a label is created. Change is all there is. Desiring it and influencing it is all that’s left to do.

Labels are pretend. Maps are not the land itself.

“Black” people, believe it or not, once upon a time insisted on being called Negro. Don’t you dare call someone darker-skinned a Negro in 2022. Newspapers insisted on referring to Coloreds all through the 60s when not using Negro. There was once a world in which these terms didn’t raise eyebrows.

Black people is as obviously absurd as Negro or Coloreds and especially… the super special N-word.

The madness-inducing fact no one wants to acknowledge is that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to arrest and convict dead citizens for past behaviors that WERE NOT CRIMES and a huge waste of energy to imagine it’s possible. REPEAT. Slavery, like marijuana, WAS NOT A CRIME UNTIL IT WAS. It just WAS. Slavery was the NORM for most of human history.

The way the world actually works is this — humans continue their epic struggle out of darkness, every moment of every day. Lazy people or people unaware of the epic struggle out of darkness somehow claim that people living in darkness should be condemned FOR NOT LIVING IN THE LIGHT.

People owned other humans THROUGHOUT ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY. Every single line of humans ran through slavery, no matter who we’re talking about in 2022, whatever ultimately-meaningless label is currently (temporarily) assigned to them. Black is just as silly as Negro, only most people are waiting for others to make that connection for them, rather than see its obviousness on its own.

The single biggest obstacle to finally putting racism behind us is “Nigger.” We need to get to a point when ANYONE can use this word for ANY reason in ANY context and ALL OF US know, have been taught, that it’s a word used by cruel people. Teach children — “If you would like to announce to the world that, ‘I support ignorance and cruelty toward other humans’, then keep using this word, Else, let it rest in the overflowing and gruesome dustbin of history alongside American Slavery itself. Don’t fear it but also don’t use it (and other completely expired terms.)”

This will work if AND only if it is taught alongside evolution.

We can’t figure out Trans, or Abortion, or War, or Peace

Until we figure out Race.

Is Race real? Is Obama really black if half of his DNA is “white” and he was raised by his “white” grandparents? Can people just conveniently say they’re “black”? If yes, then down to what percentage point? If Obama were 60% white would he no longer be black? Can someone who is merely 13% Black claim they’re Black? When does it end? What’s the cutoff.

The cutoff, for everything, has and will always be us.

Let’s start cutting off fear of language. Don’t preserve ignorance in the general population, eradicate it.



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Neddy Bly

Neddy Bly

Middle-aged, possibly insane, lover of moments, THRILLED to finally feel alive. Obsessed with the constellation of bights (binary lights) between people’s ears.