What I Talk About When I Talk About Kanye

Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times

For you to be on this ride with me you’d need to have Higher by Just Blaze and Baauer (it’s Jay-Z’s voice saying four words over and over, but sampled in an insanely dope number of ways, laid out sequentially.)

If you don’t know that song, pause here and go there. Enter that song. Do not come out until you’re done and experienced all the brain fuckery awesomeness it contains. Keep your hands inside the vehicle and your eyes closed the whole time. It’s so good you’ll forget you have eyes.

If you don’t understand what happened to you when you were inside of that song then you’ll never understand what you’re about to read, even though it’s easy. It’s as basic to you as your breath.


It’s all energy.

Our lives are stories. Don’t let that shock you (see — shock, energy!)

The stories are infinite, they are the universe. Any reason you have to tell yourself you suck? It’s a story. Your brain can’t just dump it, by design, because if our brains could just offload entire stories then humans never would have made it this far. It takes your energy, daily, directed at changing your mind.

And it’s all energy. Jay-Z knows this. Kanye West knows this. Ye embodies it. Lin Manuel Miranda does too, just had a very different upbringing (which is all we are in this world, that pattern of young life experiences expressed again and again.)

Light is… ? What? What’s the definition? There isn’t one.

Don’t you kinda wish someone clued you in to that at some point over the 16 years they made you sit in a classroom.

“Hey, wait, so, why are we to believe anything you say if the best minds that ever lived don’t have a definition for light yet? Or gravity?! They don’t know what that is either? I mean couldn’t we kids just spend 16 years writing awesome stories about what it might be? Oh, that’s the rest of our lives? Oh, we work in an office most of our life, and then a little sliver of free time when we’re so numbed to the dumbness of modern life that’s when we get to enjoy life through reflection on light? Sure, this system makes sense. Keep telling yourself that.”

“They” can’t explain it to you. Therefore my definition is just as valid as theirs. More valid, in my mind and Jordan Peterson’s, because it helps humanity, which was all he was trying to get through to Sam Harris, but, again, very different childhood experiences/foundations.

Energy is love. Love pours out of your soul in many forms. The most rad of all is music.

We who love music think, ok, that dude likes music, he checks out, BUT, he doesn’t REALLY know music. I know music.

And that’s because it maps to your meaning. We spend out lives assembling maps of meaning, and song helps us animate it AND remember every important detail.

If our society doesn’t quickly learn about energy, then there is no other person we can trust as president in 2024 except for Kanye West.

If you think this is a joke, or untrue, or misguided, talk to me. I am easy to get in touch with. Just bring good energy to the conversation. Maybe even… Power.



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Neddy Bly

Neddy Bly

Middle-aged, possibly insane, lover of moments, THRILLED to finally feel alive. Obsessed with the constellation of bights (binary lights) between people’s ears.