The Dismal Science is Dead

“The Illuminated Science” by Neddy Bly

Economics smelled like bullshit the second I had it smeared in my face in college. The short of it — the most annoying of the privileged fucks with whom I attended university ran from every philosophical argument I presented by citing some bullshit people were talking about at the time. They called it, “Economics.”

Economics is sometimes referred to as The Dismal Science. The reason for its dismality? It has always been both Philosophy and Mathematics-lite for people with more personality than brains. How does one definitively prove an entire area of thought currently running the gray, gooshy matter of our President’s and all of Government’s brain is simply a stupid frat boy euphemism for “Bullshitting my way to the top using obscure references and acting all superior when someone calls you out”? I will show you.

Science is alive and exciting. If you are excited about an idea, and there is no tingling in your genitalia, but a warm glow in your chest and mind, then you are doing real science. Science Illuminates.

The Illuminated Science is the evidence that Energy is real. All the people who have for centuries sited energy as the cause of everything, are now definitively, demonstrably correct. Thank you to the energy transfer created by Will Smith and Chris Rock, now being called, “The Energy Felt Round the World.”

“Know Your Place: Back to the fields, Dark skin! I’m above you in the hierarchy. Love, Light skin, the House Nigger” by Neddy Bly

For the first time ever, we can measure stupidity. Notice how few people who mention Will Smith or Chris Rock are able to step outside of their own personalities, briefly, to notice, OH MY GOD. I have limited energy in my body from my various food sources and I am choosing to spend some of it (thinking requires actual physical energy) on Will $!*#@ and Chris #!($@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The anger in me just then, was real, and I used electricity to express it. So, now, my computer has accepted my angry (energy in me) keystrokes (it doesn’t give a shit about what I type, these things all know we are the True dumb terminals, they serve a purpose, to transfer energy, we just sit around, plural terminus, letting energy by put in and removed from us, dumbly). Now a computer “in the cloud” is passing my text to all kinds of places, usually people’s phones — which also require energy. Now you can see energy moving. Set in motion by Will Smith! Hang on — prices on Chris Rock’s next comedy gig have shot up, so now some set of Americans (definitely The Whites, who else is hoarding all this free cash?) that has changed the energy of those new owners of comedy tickets. Think about how excited you are to attend something you paid $1000 dollars for (you’ve probably never done that, the whites are paying up to $1700 per ticket for C. Rock’s next gig) compared to something you paid $5 for. The energy in the room that night has now been increased, because the people who attend will use a portion of the energy *they* consumed that day to release into Chris Rock’s comedy club.

We are all, for the time being, living in Chris Rock’s Comedy Club, The United States of America. For as long as we use energy in this way — we don’t need to figure out WHAT to spend energy on yet, we just need to admit we ALL spend it stupidly (do you really need the Internet to jerk off that much? Can’t you take a night off?)

Economics doesn’t understand any of this. Our government officials believe in Economics. That’s been our problem for the past 30 years.

Be not afraid.

Don’t panic.

“Nina Simone Never Dies” by Neddy Bly
“Non-Duality Achieved” by Neddy Bly

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Neddy Bly

Neddy Bly

Middle-aged, possibly insane, lover of moments, THRILLED to finally feel alive. Obsessed with the constellation of bights (binary lights) between people’s ears.