I Think I Can Prove God

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My God Proof tweet went over like a fart in church.

This was the data *before* I plugged the proof into this Medium article:

Likes (L) — 002
Retweets (R) — 000
Comments (C)— 001
Impressions (I) — 131
Engagements (E) — 018
Detail expands (D) — 012
New followers (N) — 000
Profile Visits (P) — 003


If you expect that processing God won’t hurt a little, well, sorry. We all have the same equipment. If you have survived late into life and had your “mind blown” 🤯hundreds of times, then your brain can likely handle this. Or, if young, you have fresh, flexible blood vessels.

To do this right you have to allow scary thoughts into your head. This can be really scary shit. Be brave. Don’t force anything. Step away if it’s too intense.

Here we go…

So, imagine every last one of us is literally a puppet. No, seriously, imagine we all believe we’re in control but we’re actually not.

What animates us is spirit (“consciousness”). Every consciousness is precisely the same thing, a perfect copy, in every one of us.

Each consciousness slowly begins to get reprogrammed as “shit happens.” Everyone’s experiences are different. Experiences mold consciousness. Over time we all lose visibility of our original selves, our original instance of spirit: pure consciousness.

You look at others and believe you’re different. But you’re reaching that conclusion based on looks and words (signals) coming from the person. Every last shape and sound a persons makes is a result of their upbringing/lifepath.

So, next ask yourself, aside from looks and sounds a person gives off NOW, can you be so sure you weren’t exactly the same blank slate of consciousness when you were born and began to come online? And you, like the person you are judging as different, are riding along the river of existence, unaware of your shared foundation with every conscious creature you interact with. You are simply a new spirit shaped over time, details layered upon the single, pure, consciousness of your childhood.

We are all unique NOW, but began as instances of the same one spirit, shaped over time. The initial spirit IS God or IS a product of God. God, or a copy of God, or a product of God’s creation, is within every single one of us.

We’re building a religion. We’re building it bigger. We’re widening the corridors and adding more lanes. We’re building a religion, a limited edition, calling all mind slaves, please cast off your chains. To resist it is useless. It is useless to resist it.

Please help amplify this signal by interacting with the original tweet here:

I will share the data as we grow.

All Love, you beautiful Otherselves! I hope you see you in me, because I see me in you!

I See You in Me
I See Me in You



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Neddy Bly

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