Do You Want to Understand Why People Love Trump?

And Why I’m Coming Around Too?

Neddy Bly
9 min readJul 10, 2022


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I was topless at Lilith Fair. I had a threesome at the Great Went, no men in sight. I’m a feminist. I loved then loathed Bill. I cried for Hillary. Then twenty years later, I cried for Hillary. Here’s why I’m now loving President Trump.

Ok, pause. Now that I’ve said this position, half of you love me half already hate me.

Also, a word of warning: this is gonna hurt. Like my ex once told me, it’s up to you whether we proceed, stick with it, it’s definitely gonna hurt, but if you stick with it then it won’t (whether or not you like it, well, only you can decide that; and whether you continue or end the act, well, again, sorry to break it to you, only you can decide that too.)

That was intentionally disturbing to read to filter out the people who aren’t ready. Again, this is going to be hard. You’re about to bend your brain in another direction. By the end you will agree with at least one thing you were recently shouting at a family member about.


Here’s the deal. Trump reveals.

I’m guessing that, like me, you are tempted to call or at some point have called him ‘cancer’ or maybe ‘a cancer.’ We were close when we said that, but ultimately wrong. There are so many horrors inside a hospital, and so much suffering. We like to think it all is contained and exists within those four walls, but really it’s everywhere and so much bigger. So, point number one, as much as you hate him, there are far, far, far, FAR more horrible people roaming the Earth free of our scrutiny. So, checkmate number one, you can struggle all you want but it’s checkmate — if you really believe he’s the worst (so many people say, “he’s the worst” but don’t literally mean it ((exactly the same way he says he’s the best, but doesn’t literally mean it)).) So if you really mean he is absolutely the worst human on earth, then aren’t you glad we know where he is? Aren’t you glad he is being scrutinized, every day? Not enough? Well, it’s far more than when he wasn’t. Oh, it would be better if he was not president? Well, then we would not be monitoring the “worst” person on earth. Ok ok, for those of you still saying he’s the worst, yet insisting it’d be better if he was the…



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