Children of a Greater God

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It comes down to this. The world (of humans, animals don’t give a shit) is a fucking mess. And I didn’t create it. Yet I am subject to it, in the sense of 1100 A.D. “subject”, like feudal overlord kinda shit, the whole mess. We have different names now but it’s a fact — Beyonce gets her hooch waxed by a small army, I get no one to help me at the DMV. I used to reflexively identify with Democrats. Know why I don’t anymore? Because they are the status quo. It is that simple. Before you dismiss me for my transformation (the way Republicans reflexively dismiss Trannies) hear me out.

I began my journey in the online world baffled by the victory of Donald Trump. I could not comprehend. I am talking, like, attempting to jam a sneaker into the mouth of a Coke can kind of incomprehension. Why is this giant concept being shoved into my small brainhole. I could not process the appeal of Donald Trump. I have a pussy. I do not want men to just grab me by it. Why is he our President?

I eventually got it. Try to dismiss me, but I went places you won’t. And, dear citizen, Reality is coming for you, so at least hear me out. I promise you, I like you more than most Trump fans do. And he will win in 2024, start getting ready for that.

I tried to dismiss him. I tried to dismiss everything happening. Six years later… I get it. Anyone out there who in good faith wants to try to understand the appeal of Donald Trump, without resorting to the standard snobbery and elitism that usually precedes such an investigation, I am here for you. Reach out to me. We will have a conversation. I just had a respectful four day email exchange with a person I didn’t understand at all. Now? I am changed. I learned new things. As did he. And I think we both consider each other friends.

Here is what you need to know — every institution is collapsing. Why? Binary. People will say it’s crypto, or loss of religion, or female freedom, or abortion, you take your pick. Everyone is wrong. It is the indisputable reality of binary. 1’s and 0's.

You know what?

Fuck it. I’m going to start writing a second part. I will use… BINARY… to see if anyone wants to hear more. If more than 10 people read this, I will explain the rest. Trust me, I have seen more of this life than you have, because I am old, rich, and female. I can assure you “this life”, the elites, the status quo, is bullshit. I can assure you that any instinct you have about how the world SHOULD be working is far better than the ideas of the Ted Cruz of Harvard and Barack Obama of Harvard or George Bush of Harvard or Hillary Clinton of Yale bullshit dolt dumbasses have to offer. You really should be heard. They really should be not. They are not intelligent. They might be charming to some twisted individuals, but they are not intelligent. (Maybe they are, to a small degree, but they are not brave enough to say what they deeply, truly believe.) And do you know why? They are all out of touch. None of them has a friend who makes below $100,000 per year. And, sadly, know what else? America has turned into a dollar-sign-dick-measuring contest. It’s no wonder “grab them by the pussy” wins. Life in America — might as well break it to you sons and daughters, is about strut your pretend financial hardon and stroke others by their lesser financial pussy. It is this bad, you think I’m unhinged, perhaps, but I can defend every word of this. Bring it. Show me you have a pulse. Show me you have a conscience and care.

Tell me you’re here and we’ll keep going.

I love you. There is hope. Do not give up.

The United States is on death’s door, but it is not dead.

Let’s resuscitate.



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Neddy Bly

Neddy Bly

Middle-aged, possibly insane, lover of moments, THRILLED to finally feel alive. Obsessed with the constellation of bights (binary lights) between people’s ears.