Everyone else blamed everyone else, but no one Kept It Simple, Stupid. One word, “Twitter.”

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When Trump defeated Hillary people had one of three reactions: celebration, confusion, despair. Over time, the members of the confusion tranche packed up and moved into one of the other two camps. I never left the confusion camp.

“It was Twitter,” I said. “It was so obviously Twitter.”

Everyone else…

The Government is Not Bad Unless You Yourself Are Bad.

The government is not bad unless you yourself are bad because you are the government. The idea that you are NOT the government is what people who discovered HOW MUCH MONEY there is in government want you to believe.

The REAL most important idea in government is that human beings…

One Simple Lifehack to Save the Universe

This is the change:

“Keep in touch.”

Obviously I don’t own that. I just received that. From where? How? That’s the secret. And you NEVER want someone to tell it to you. The SPOILER to spoiler spoilers for all time. Never take someone’s word for it. …

I’m being nice… imma obliterate your negative logic.

They are only children.

Don’t do that to them.

Whether only children or only children, the fact remains

They’re only children.

If we think there is a pandemic of not only loneliness, but also onlyness

Then it’s on us to convince our children that large families are the logical way…

The Great Resignation will make #MeToo Feel Like a Mouse of a Movement

There is a myth that information requires time.

Live a life, receive the wisdom.

That used to be the case. Elders WERE necessarily smarter. Every time.

With electronics we have caught them.

They are not prepared.


Some humans turn intensely angry, others grow intensely curious.

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Some humans turn intensely angry when they believe something bad has happened. Others grow intensely curious. I’m in the second camp and want you to join me… for the rest of your life. Our existence will begin to improve, in every measurable way, when more of us reject turning angry…

An essay by Angela, one of my students, grade 6, another of many lights

I know you’ll say I don’t, but I feel like I hate my parents

They claim I’m moody, they accuse me of it

I call them hypocrites

I don’t think either really knows what that is, so they yell at me.

So here goes, pls tell me what you think:

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Neddy Bly

Middle-aged, possibly insane, lover of moments, THRILLED to finally feel alive. Obsessed with the constellation of bights (binary lights) between people’s ears.

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